The Remake

Happy birthday to a very special young lady!!!

Sasha’s photoshoot was so much fun. She brought a ton of confidence and energy that the pictures practically took themselves.

Not only did she want to do a shoot to celebrate her birthday, but she is kicking off her “The Remake” campaign centered around “remaking” photoshoots with plus size women. Sasha wants to make it known how beauty is not only one size and that we should all love ourselves and our bodies because we are should be confident and in control of what we deem beautiful.

I couldn’t love the idea more! These days with so much (selfie filtered) content thrown at us everyday, it’s can be challenging to keep you esteem high. We are always seeing beautiful (but not necessarily real) faces and bodies on our feeds, it can be hard to not be constantly comparing ourselves to them. But know ladies, that is not real life! We are all beautiful in our own ways and need to find that inner strength to be able to live our lives as the wonderful happy gorgeous creatures we are!

Go follow Ms. Sasha for more on “The Remake” on @theremake on instagram ! Wish her a happy birthday too! 🙂

Sasha’s Instagram @inknowvate_me

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