My weird Kristen from weird Austin

Who else would let me spray paint their hair grey and paint their eyebrows blue? 😀 Kristen, one of my dearest friends! We’ve been friends since when barbie dolls where still a thing and Nsync were the original Beibers (think Justin Timberlake circa bleach blonde tips.. yup that old). Anyways we have still remained close friends even after elementary, middle, high school, college and now this thing we call the real world. Kristen came to visit lil ole Georgia from Texas and gave me creative freedom with a photo shoot we did. I might of been watching too many Game of Thrones episodes, but I was inspired by grey hair, but also wanted to try something a bit more hip… Since you know she is an Austinian now.. the birthplace of hipsters.. Ha! What was even more fun than her grey hair was the typical Kristen faces she kept giving me lol. The “I can’t believe your making me do this, but I’m gonna do it anyways because your my friend” face…. Hahah I think it came across very well on camera. Thank you !!!!! Don’t get too cool for me in Austin.

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